Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BGG Chats w/Celebrity Hairstylist Kiyah Wright

Recently, I stopped by Procter & Gamble's Studio in Rockefeller Center to catch up with celebrity hairstylist and Clairol Professional Colorist Kiyah Wright as she transformed three fabulous women into full-on glamazons!

Wright was on-hand as part of the Clairol Professional "Reveal the Fabulous in You" Facebook contest awarding three lucky women from across the country with a trip to New York City and a hair makeover by the famed stylist.

While I only met one of the winners, Fannie from North Carolina, she was beaming with excitement and anticipation of what magic Wright had up her sleeve when it came to her makeover. "I'm not sure, but so far I think it's going to be some curls," she guessed.

Kiyah putting finishing touches on Fannie's 'do!

From Ciara to Jennifer Hudson, Wright has styled the tresses of some of the hottest stars on stage and in Hollywood. When it comes to the the right color, cut, or style, Wright knows what looks best on her clients.

Check out some snippets and tips she shared with me: 

Advice for giving my hair some much-needed pizazz:
"You should get some color! You're not ready to be gray. You need a semi-permanent, which Clairol offers. It's less damaging and provides shines. I would also add some warmness to it too. Like lift it up a few shades."

Her favorite style to create for a client:
"I enjoy doing makeovers the most. I am more about giving each client a custom look."

On the most timeless hairstyle of all:
"The bob is like an old favorite and it looks good on everybody. You can do a bang, a side part, or a middle part with a bob. It's just classic; it never goes away."

On her styling technique: 
"I take a lot of pride in my work. I've been doing it over 18 years and I'm still excited about it. I do a lot of seminars, etc. One of the things I preach to the students is that most stylists don't style hair in the mirror. They sit on the chair and they turn the chair away from the mirror and go for their own comfortability versus looking at the client while they're styling, but that's how you get inspired."

Her favorite spring trends:
"This season is all about color-blocking, ombre, and liquid liners. It's also all about the pastels. I recently did a how-to on how to create your own clip-ins and go from day to night by popping in a bit of pastel pinks, etc."

Her thoughts on the natural hair revolution:
"I think it's just people's way of expressing themselves. This is who I am. This is my hair. This is a part of me. People are just expressing themselves in fashion, clothes, and with hair.  Right now it is a bit of a trend, but it's really who we are. I think being natural is forever, but you can change up your natural look."

The key to maintaining healthy hair:
"Making sure that you are conditioning it often, at least weekly. Textured hair should not be shampooed more than twice a week. Make sure to get bi-monthly trims and tie it up at night with a scarf, or use a silk/satin pillowcase and even carry it when you travel!"

Be sure to check out Kiyah Wright's blog for more tips and how-tos!

How do you currently wear your hair?


Ladybug said...

I'm one year into going natural so I'm forced to mix it up...a bun, twists, flat iron it straight, throw in a few tracks...you just never know what I'll do next! Great tips from Ms. Wright!

Nikki (Mavens and Muses) said...

Love these tips! Kiyah's swoopy blonde do is giving me life!!