Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brush Stroke

Any professional makeup artist will tell you that the most important tool to achieving a flawless look is a makeup brush. Neither the top of the line concealer, foundation, eye shadow or blush/bronzer will successfully produce your desired look without being applied and blended with a proper makeup brush.

Brushes help you apply your makeup smoothly with accuracy and precision, which enhances your overall look. Also, you need to be sure to use the right brush for specific areas of your face. To cover all bases, invest in a good set that includes a variety of brushes.

Remember, you don’t have to be a professional to use brushes! MAC brushes happen to be my favorite brand, but check out some of these:

Sephora brushes available at for $150

Smashbox brushes available at $84

Too Faced brushes available at for $72

Pop-up brush canister set available at for $45

Sephora brushes available at for $44

Sephora brushes available at for $32

MAC brushes available at $132.50


K-Bear said...

Brushes are a must have and so is a big purse! Once you get hooked on something (like brushes), you simply must have it with you at all times. A true BGG must always be prepared. Do men even know how lucky they are? BTW, BGG, don't you just love MAC?!

mimieyes said...

I did not believe all the fuss about makeup brushes until I got a set as a present. The differences is amazing. Because they don't blotch your skin making it look smooth. They're expensive but they last a while with good care.

Divine Blackness said...

I'm like mimieyes....I so wasn't into brushes until I got my set too! Now great brushes are must-haves for me. MAC brushes are my favorite but has anyone tried Sonia Kashuk (Target stores) brushes? They are amaziiiiing and cheap.

Afrodite said...

Looove this post. I've kind of collected brushes over the years but I need to buckle down and just buy a set. A good set at that...

Oh! And Divine, I've tried Sonia Kashuk brushes and they are the move and they're not too costly.