Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pot O' Gloss

Yesterday, while walking in Midtown enjoying the beautiful, yet kinda weird mild weather, I quickly became enthralled by the SUPER SALE signs posted in the windows of The Body Shop. Taken by the sweet scents that consistently pour out of the bath & body store, I rushed in hoping to catch fabulous end-of-the-season sales and I did!

After looking through throngs of undesirable holiday scented lathers and lotions, I was overjoyed to find a cute jar of tinted lip gloss/balm for only $3.

Once I applied the cranberry-colored lacquer to my lips, I immediately began contemplating whether or not I should try other brands of potted glosses/balms. Prior to this purchase, I wasn't a fan of lip treatments that require using fingers or a brush to apply. Since I'm pleasantly surprised with my new gloss/balm I just might give a few other glosses/balms in a jar a try!

Check out some of these beauty finds:

Carol's Daughter lip balm available at for $6

Lancome Juicy Gel...E available at Sephora for $18 (various shades available)

Benefit tinted lip moisturizer available at Sephora for $20 (various shades available)

Nars Lip Lacquer available at Sephora for $23 (various shades available)

MAC tinted lip balm available at for $14.50 (various shades available)

Tinted lip balm available at The Body Shop for $8.50 (various shades available)

Su Uemura lip lacquer available at Sephora for $23


MeMe said...

Somehow nice glossy lips seems to look nice on everyone but me :(

But hey, maybe I will give one of the "pot o' gloss" that you mentioned a try.

Afrodite said...

The Lacome one looks like it tastes good.

Afrodite said...

That probably sounded weird but I like glosses that have a good flavor.

CresceNet said...
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K-Bear said...

meme, you're not alone. Glossy lips just don't work for me either. I don't mind though because I don't like the feeling of lip gloss. I feel like I need to wipe my mouth constantly!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

afrodite...hilarious, but I know what you mean! :-)

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Gurl you are really Cute, Good Post ;-)

bam said...

I would use lip gloss on a train. I would use lip gloss in the rain. I would use lip gloss in a car, and I would definitely use lip gloss from a jar...LOL! I know it was corny, but why not?

Ondo Lady said...

I am a great lover of lip balm and the Body Shop do some great ones as do Lush. I also love my lip gloss and my favourite is the one by MAC.

Anonymous said...

I'm a lip gloss girl, and I really liked the lip glosses you picked out (especially Nars Lip Gloss and Carol's Daughter Lip Balm).

Anonymous said...

First pot gloss I have tried was Lancome Juicy Gel & loved it! Picked mine up at outlet mall discount cosmetics store for 3 bucks. Great bargain and wish I had purchased more than one! Getting ready to buy more since it is the BEST gloss I have ever put on my lips...satisfied completely with Lancome!