Monday, January 7, 2008

Ladies First

Honda/Getty Images

With presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama winning the Democratic caucus in Iowa last week and leading in New Hampshire so far, there’s a very great chance that our new First Lady will be the beautiful Michelle Obama.

I am a such a huge fan of Mrs. Obama because she exudes confidence, intelligence and appears to be a loving and devoted mother to her two daughters, Malia and Sasha. Not to mention, she’s a native Chicagoan just like me!

Her impeccably chic style is always polished and professional; making her an ideal fashion role model for professional women across the country.

Here are a few facts about Mrs. Obama that you might not know…yet.

1. She was born on January 17, 1964.

2. She majored in sociology at Princeton University.

3. She is a Harvard Law School graduate.

4. She met Barack Obama at a Chicago law firm in the late 1980s

5. She is a devoted supporter of the Women's Treatment Center located on the West Side of Chicago, which is a facility for the treatment and detox of women dealing with substance abuse.

6. She enjoys early morning workouts.

7. The Obama Family travels mostly every year to Hawaii to visit Senator Obama's grandmother and sister.

Additional Sources:, Chicago Suntimes, Newsweek and Essence


Mes Deux Cents said...


Thanks for the info about Mrs Obama. I like her too. In fact I have wondered why she isn't running for something!

MeMe said...

Mrs. Obama is as smart, intelligent, charming, and charismatic as her husband. Looks like they will be the next (and better) Bill and Hillary for sure. Looking forward to voting for Mrs. Obama after Barack serves his two terms!

K-Bear said...

MO is completely fabulous! She is such a great representative for BGs and Chicago women too! I'm proud beyond belief! Somehow they manage to seem like a 'super' couple and yet very normal. They are very 'black' and yet seem so universal. They are like a great cross-over song!