Tuesday, January 8, 2008

White Hot Fashions!

Nothing says, “sophistication,” or “style” like a timeless, white cotton shirt. Rocking a well-fitted white shirt can take you from meetings in the boardroom to a romantic dinner with your significant other. This always-fashionable staple comes in many variations and styles and can be worn throughout the seasons.

Tucked under a sleek, professional blazer or paired with wide-legged jeans, a white shirt has a unique way of always making you feel chic and pulled together.

Whether you favor a traditional crisp button-down or a sexy wrap-around style with ¾ length sleeves, you can never go wrong when wearing this classic article of clothing (especially if it has a little lycra or spandex blended with it).

Like our favorite Project Runway style guru, Tim Gunn, says, “A white shirt is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe.”

Check out some of these fashionable styles:

Available at Nordstrom for $163 (for those of you who want to splurge) www.nordstrom.com

Available at Bebe for $69 www.bebe.com

Available at Macy's for $42 www.macys.com

Available at Macy's for $59 www.macys.com

Available at Target for $17.99 www.target.com

Available at the Gap for $42 www.gap.com

Available at Bloomingdale's for $79 www.bloomingdales.com


Divine Blackness said...

Classic! I love a White collared shirt. Especially with fab jewelery.

MeMe said...

True indeed. A white collar shirt is a must have, but I can't imagine spending over a hundred dollars for one!

By the way, I loved the interview from a few days ago. I am going to the website right now to shop for some unique pieces!

K-Bear said...

Oh how I love a white shirt and I particularly love a wrap style anything! I have a couple of really great ones in my possession right now and I pull them out when I want to feel really professional and sexy at the same time. BTW, nothing looks better on brown skin than white! Lucky us!

bam said...

I alwyas pull my white shirt out of the closet when I want to go for the power woman look.

Anonymous said...

These are really good white shirts you picked out. I really like the Bloomingdales shirt!